sound piece

2021 | BDMG | Seres Rios

Orelhinha is a sound piece created from calls made to public telephones on the banks of the São Francisco and Jequitinhonha rivers.

A series of calls to recipients hitherto unknown or even non-existent. Crossed lines in an attempt to hear the life that goes on around the rivers.

While they are at risk of extinction in much of the state, public telephones are still the only means of communication in riverside villages that do not have mobile phone coverage.

The phones were found traveling along the banks of these rivers using maps with panoramic views of public spaces and with satellite images. The number of each phone was retrieved by crossing its coordinates identified on the route with information collected in the database of the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency.

Listen here with english subtitles:

Click here for listen with french subtitles

With: Vitor, Sueli, Manuel, João, Elias, Ricardo, Valdir, Adenides, Adel, Uelma, Marcos, Gabriel, Neurisvânia, João, Enrico, Débora, Gianetti, Fernando, Juarez, Luciana, Karine, Zé Nilson, João Victor e todos outros que atenderam os orelhões nas escolas rurais e hospitais municipais.

Curatorship: Bernardo Esteves, Júnia Torres, Marcela Bertelli e Wellinhton Cançado

Audio player designed by Valquíria Rabelo

With support of: JA.CA – Francisa Caporalli, Samanta Moreira, Mateus Mesquita

Tilesets: Tiago Esteves

English subtitles: Julia Branco

French subtitles: Félix Blume


Photos Clarice Rodrigues e Luisa Ritter


Tomada Urbana

Thanks to:

Gabriela Moulin, Francisa Caporalli, Samanta Moreira, Mateus Mesquita, Félix Blume, Clarice G. Lacerda, Bernardo Esteves, Elisa Lana, Fellipe Miranda, Clarice Rodrigues, Tiago Esteves, Luísa Ritter, Mônica Meyer, Valquíria Rabelo, Thula Kawasaki, Rafael Amato e Júlia Medeiros.