Sara Lana

Sara Lana is a Brazilian artist and developer (1988, Belo Horizonte – Brazil). She studied Mathematics and Electric Engineering at Federal University of Minas Gerais from 2007 to 2015 where she collaborated with CEGeME - Center for Research on Musical Gesture & Expression. Her projects lie in the convergence of art and technology. She often uses multiple supports, especially sound, electronics and video, having illustration and cartography as important elements throughout her creative process.

Sara was awarded the Akademie Solitude 2024 fellowship and the Bolsa Pampulha fellowship (Pampulha Art Museum, Brazil), when she developed and exhibited her project ‘Species of Spaces’. She was also an artist-in-residence in several spaces dedicated to art, sound and technology in Br, Chile, Mx, Romania and Switzerland. Her project ‘Blind Spots’ was hosted by RedBullStation (2017, Brazil), MediaLabMX (2018, México), CCD – Center of Digital Culture (2019, México), among others. Her sound installation ‘Antonyms Machine’ was exhibited at Oi Futuro (2019, Rio de Janeiro) and Sesc (2018–2022, Minas Gerais and São Paulo states).

Her sound pieces were broadcasted in radios all over the world, such as Orelhinha (2021, Br), presented at ‘Seres Rios Festival’ – BDMG (2021, Brazil) and ‘Mutt Dogs’ (2017, Brazil) presented in avant-première at Centre Pompidou (2018, France) and nominated to Phonurgia Nova Awards (2018, France).

She also promotes  workshops  and publish  tutorials  related to her projects.

 texts and publications  about her projects.