corra e olhe o céu

Moi_Espace Public


Looking virtually at the sky and guided by tools for panoramic map viewing, I traced a route in a hitherto unknown city. I then traveled to this place to walk trhough the same route in person. During the walk, I recorded the sounds of my footsteps and an eerily familiar environment.

corra e olhe o céu (run and look the sky) is a sound piece created for Thais Monatari’s Moi_Espace Public project. Halfway between documentary film and visual music, Moi_Espace Public consists of a series of videos created by people who identify as women or gender-nonconforming and wish to share their personal experience of how they express themselves and behave in different public spaces, including virtual ones. Open to all forms of artistic expression, this project aims to create an audiovisual mosaic that shows the differences and similarities between how each one experience.

Support: Casa Hibrido and Association of Canadian Women Composers.

Photos Félix Blume


Thanks to:

Thais Montanari e Félix Blume