antonyms machine

sound installation


The Machine of Antonyms is a device which deconstructs and corrupts messages, invalidating conversations or making them absurd. When talking to the machine, it will repeat your message in a cryptographed way, changing some work with their antonyms.

The corrupted phrase is repeated by a wall of old televisions and radios. The initial phrase is never revealed and it is also irrecoverable, the antonym of an antonym rarely takes us back through the same path.

This inaccuracy of the system reveals the constant failures in technological systems and the fragilities in trusting a database generated by machines.

This project was carried out in collaboration with Thiago Hersan.

Photos Félix Blume


Maquinações | SESC PIRACICABA | SP
Maquinações | SESC CARMO | SP

Thanks to:

Bruno Gomes, Clarissa Neves, Eloá Mata, Esther Azevedo, Fernando Líbano, Gabriela Carvalho, Marcelo XY, Marcos Lustosa, Mariana Zani, Marina Jovalangelo, Paulo Waisberg, Sara Moreno e Xande Perocco